RSS feed

In recent weeks I happened to talk to a couple of (very nice!) people, who said they were keen followers of my blog. Alas, since I’ve moved the blog from blogspot to blogdown and hugo, they seem to have lost their RSS feed and so have, in some occasions, missed out on some of the latest posts.

I have to say that I am very happy about the move to blogdown and I really like the current version of the whole site, including the blog. But I did figure that the move might have created some problems in terms of generating the right RSS feed. I think that this is sorted now and the correct link to subscribe to updates is here — seems to work on Rbloggers where updates from the relevant posts are picked up.

I guess, let me know if this still doesn’t work and you feel like missing out on the updates is so bad for your social and work life… 😉

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