The associate

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As part of our planned expansion (which hopefully will eventually turn into the UCL Institute for Mathematical and Statistical Sciences), our department has just advertised a post for an Associate Professor in Statistics.

We’ve recently hired two new lecturers (or Assistant Professors, to speak American English). They’ll start soon — I had the pleasure of sitting in the interview panel, which felt almost like a rave party. But we did have a very good set of candidates and the two who eventually got the job were really impressive. And I think what was the most exciting thing to me, felt like very good “investment in people”, to use a very bad phrase with the best of intentions…).

This new post is aimed at somebody a bit more established and on an upward trajectory. I think we are not favouring any particular area of statistics but all the details and the specifics of the application process are here.

The department really is a very nice place to work — lots of nice colleagues and opportunities for exciting collaborations! Plus, the job doesn’t involve any deadly game of blackmail…

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