Job in local council

At work, we often receive emails from people advertising relevant jobs so we can pass these onto our students. One that we received recently is this from Richmond upon Thames and Wandsworth councils (who have a shared staffing agreement).

This advert is for a Data Scientist position, which I think is quite cool for a local council to have — the advert says

If you love data, analysing it to solve a complex problem, are naturally curious and want to make a real local impact, you should consider working for us.

This role is an excellent opportunity for a collaborative problem solver who wants to make an immediate impact in a large organisation that serves diverse communities with varied needs. Using internal, externally sources and public data, you will have the opportunity to be involved in a wide range of analytical and strategic projects, with significant organisational and social impact.

You will lead on analytical projects that will impact decisions that bring about positive change to lives of half a million residents of Richmond and Wandsworth Councils.

I used to leave within the area of Wandsworth council and I leave not to far from Richmond council — may be I’ll apply myself (if they change the title from “Data Scientist” to “Statistician”, that is…).

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