Make R Great Again

Our editorial on using R in HTA (I talked about it here) has finally been published in Value in Health.

This is nice in the (rather long, I know…) build up to our workshop. And speaking of, we’ve already received quite a few abstracts for contributed talks — this below is the “official” advert we’ve circulated.

This is a reminder that the deadline for abstract submission to the Workshop on R for trial and model-based cost-effectiveness analysis (CEA) is 15th May. The workshop will take place at University College London on 9th July. This is a great opportunity to present any interesting work or challenges you’ve faced in using R for CEA. We are open to wide range of topics, including experiences beginning to use R for CEA, implementations of Markov models, tricks to speed up model evaluations, ways to improve transparency, or even reasons you’re never using R again! If you’re unsure, please feel free to drop me an email about a potential topic.

Abstracts can be structured or unstructured and up to about 300 words, but there are no strict requirements.

Please submit abstracts to [](emailto: Registration for the workshop is still open and details are at the following link:

In fact, as of today (17 May), there are still about 20 places available — and yesterday we had a nice surge of 5 registrations in the space of half an hour. So hurry!

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