My talks in Albacete

To (almost) complete the very busy period of travelling and talks, this week I’m in Albacete, Castilla/La Mancha to take part in the conference of the Spanish Health Economic Society (AES). Andrea and I have been invited to give a pre-conference workshop on missing data in HTA, which we did today.

I think it went well and I quite enjoyed it — we divided up the work so that I talked about the general aspects of Bayesian modelling in HTA and then the general problem of missing data, as well as a ridiculously short introduction to some of the most popular methods to deal with it. Then, Andrea showed mainly the work from his PhD and then we had a short tutorial on how to do some of the analyses using the package we’ve developed, missingHE, which we recently uploaded on CRAN too. Andrea has done a very good job, so I’m very pleased!

Tomorrow, I’ll also talk in an invited session, which promises to be quite interesting, which I have also mentioned here. Firstly, Elías Moreno will talk about some statistical issues with cost-effectiveness analysis. Then I will be talking about VoI; I have included some stuff about both EVPPI and EVSI, but I’m pretty sure I won’t be able to go through all of it. Finally, Andrea Manca, who will talk about HTA and precision medicine — I suspect he’ll be talking more broadly about methods for causal inference.

To close the circle nicely, I have registered at the week end that Elias will be the discussant in the session in which I will speak at O’Bayes 2019 in Warwick, later in July. And of course, what will I speak about if not a (much more extended) version of the VoI work?… 😄

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