A couple of things...

Yes — there’s a couple of things I wanted to share. Firstly, our chapter on Bayesian Statistical Economic Evaluation Methods for Health Technology Assessment has just appeared in the Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Economics and Finance. I wrote this with “the Andreas” (Gabrio and Manca) — and I quite enjoyed the process. A lot of this is coming from stuff that I’d already worked on and written, but Andrea M has brought in quite a few nice little (but subtle) points, particularly from the wider economic perspective. And Andrea G has come to the text with his perspective on missing data and modelling of complex data structures, which he has explored in his work. So, as a result, I think this is a nice chapter — with the bonus of being open access too!

The second bit of news is that we have two fully funded PhD studentships in Health Economics and Statistics (this is the one that is mostly relevant to me), at UCL. These are part of the expansion design in the HEDS MSc Programme. These are four-year studentship and have embedded a research and teaching experience. The awardee will have their UCL student fees paid at the Home/EU or International rate and will receive a stipend of £20k per annum. The awardee will spend two-thirds of their time on research studies and one-third on teaching activities. The extra teaching responsibility is recognised in the longer than average funding period. Within their teaching role, the awardee will provide teaching assistance on three to four modules within the HEDS, personal tutoring to approximately 5-10 students per academic year, and supervision to 5-10 masters projects. Application deadline is 15th August 2019 — incidentally (but totally irrelevant…) a day after my birthday.

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