Bayes in America

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For the first time ever, the annual Bayes 20XX/Bayesian Biostatistics is going to be held outside Europe — in fact we’re going to be in Washington DC.

It will be an unusual edition — the timing is also very different; normally we have the workshop late May/early June. But this year we’ve defered it to late September to more or less fit with other conferences happening at the FDA. We’ve made a big effort in creating stronger links with the regulators (and the Americans, in particular), so this is certainly a great result for our “Founding Father” Bruno Boulanger!

As usual we have several topics of interest, including the following.

  • The future of the Bayesian Biostatistics in the regulatory world

  • Clinical Innovative Design

  • Bayesian biostatistics for Real World Evidence (RWE)

  • Rare and orphan disease, pediatric development

  • Preventive medicine

  • Meta-analyses, prior elicitation, historical controls, meta-analyses

  • Reproducibility crisis & related topics such as DoE, Assurance (Success…)

  • Non-Clinical Statistics, CMC and related topics (QbD, Stability, bioassays, validation, …)

  • Multivariate models

  • Bayesian inference in complex models (systems biology / PBPK / networks)

  • Bayesian Spatio-temporal/Temporal modelling (e.g. disease propagation, survival analysis,…)

  • Bayesian Decision sciences

  • Benefit/Risk analyses, health economics

  • Bayesian Big Data, predictive models, selection of variables

  • Programming and numerical opportunities

  • Communication of Bayesian statistics

Registrations and call for abstract to open soon!

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