New dates for the summer school

We’re nearly ready to advertise the new edition of our Florence summer school on “Bayesian methods in health economics”. This year, we’ve decided to change slightly the timing and we’ll have it from 20-24 July 2020. The the main set up is still unchanged, with its residential nature and the amazing location of the Centro Studi.

After a few years in which for various reasons we’ve had to slightly change our team, we may be able to eventually revert to the full squad, which is very exciting! And also, because July is a bit less busy for them, we’ll probably be able to get a few more rooms, which means more people will be able to come — last year I had to turn away quite a few interested people, so hopefully that will be good!

Finally, by getting closer to the holidays, may be people will be able to double down and get an extra week to go to the Tuscan coast (I know that, as somebody from Florence, I should not endorse any other city in the region. But I will actually go as far as to say that people should spend time in Pisa — if you avoid the main tower square, which is just meh, the rest of it is awesome! Here’s an amusing example of the never-ending feud between Florence and Pisa…).

As soon as the registration link is all set up, I’ll advertise it and we’ll open the process. Stay tuned!

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