Time to think about the summer

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As the Christmas break gets closer and closer, I thought it would be a very good time to actually forget about the cold, snowy weather (I know… I sound as if I lived in Antarctica… It’s actually nice and sunny and not that cold today…) and start planning for everybody’s summer holidays.

So, we’ve now officially opened the registration for next year Summer School in Bayesian Methods in Health Economics. This is going to be the fourth year that we run this in Florence and I have to say, so far, I’ve always enjoyed it very, very much — when I talk about it to people, I think I almost make a bigger deal of the fun aspect than I do about the learning…

Anyway: for this year, we’ve slightly modified the timing — in the past, we’ve always had the summer school around the first week of June. But the brilliant people at the Centro Studi have had to struggle a bit to accommodate us because that’s normally a busy period and so they always have other people — for example, last year, I had to turn down quite a few potential participants, because there were no more rooms available. So we’ve decided to move our event to later in the year: we’ll have it in the week 20-24 July.

Hopefully, people will be attracted by the contents (which are all described here) as well as from the idea of spending a week (or may be spilling over the next one) in beautiful Tuscany, in the middle of the summer (when it’s still bearable, days are longer and there’s a slightly lower number of tourists around). Have I sold it well?

Registration is now open — we have, as usual, three rates (students, public and private sector) and each includes full boarding and sleeping accommodation in site, as well as the three main reference books. We’ll of course provide the material (slides + code, data and extensive solutions for the R and BUGS practicals). The UCL Store is the place to go to start thinking about the summer!

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