Like a bad husband

As I was coming back home on my delayed train from a day-long meeting at work, it occurred to me that I should feel very badly because it is fair to say that, of late, I have neglected my blog. I still like blogging very much — I find it a brilliant way of elaborating concepts and ideas without necessarily needing to reach a state of maturity (as a full, or even a working paper would require). And blogging is still a fantastic way to get across people.

But, like a bad husband, I sort of fell for a younger, sexier presence on social media — I came late to the Twitter party (only joined last year, mainly because I was bored on a train coming back from Cambridge, I think, after a meeting or something), but I am enjoying the wider reach and better interaction (although of course, Twitter can be and often is evil… And I often find myself screaming at my phone seeing some tweets…).

And, in addition to that, I have also spent a lot of time on other projects — but in this case I don’t feel bad, as they are super interesting and I think very important. The mini-cherry on top of the regular cherry on top of the Sundae (speaking of bad husbands…) is the work we’ve been doing on R-HTA. The consortium has been active for a couple of years now and we’ve already done a couple of events (here) but now we’ve sort of gone semi-professional.

We’ve got a brand new website (which has taken me some time to make, but about which I’m pretty happy), a (for now relatively limited) social media presence and a few new events on the way, for which registration is open (here, here and here). We’ve just started the advertising for the short courses and the workshop and already we have 3 registrations — and a few people have asked us to free up some slots as they would like to present at the workshop. So things are exciting!

I will try and be a bit more consistent with blogging, though, because I don’t want to be a bad husband…

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