In case you don't know it

At this stage, given what I’ve said yesterday, even if you only get your news (abotu me, anyway) from the blog, you should know from other media about this.

BUT: we’re now started advertisement and registration for our new three R-HTA events, later this summer at UCL. We’re doing two short courses on the 29th June.

The first one is “Introduction to R for Cost-Effectiveness Modelling” (9.30-13.00) — obviously, this is aimed at beginners with some basic to intermediate knowledge of R.

The second one is “Being more productive in R: Lessons learnt the hard way” (13.30-17.15) — this is aimed at more advanced users and will introduce to modern packages and, in effect, philosophies of using R, such as the tidyverse.

Finally, on the 30th June we have our annual workshop — the list of participants is almost finalised, but the schedule includes some very interesting talks and topics. We’ll also have the usual panel + audience discussion at the end of the day. So far all the signs are very encouraging as we’ve heard from many people who are interested in coming and sharing their experience in moving away from Excel and efficiently and beneficially using R. We’ll try to have a balanced view and elicit problems/barriers (so that we can help remove them!).

Registration links are available here.

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