Hypothetical short course

The good news is that ISPOR have accepted a proposal that I have submitted, together with Felicity Lamrock, Howard Thom and Rose Hart to do a short course entitled “Health Economic Modeling in R: A Hands-on Introduction” at the next ISPOR conference in Milan.

Of course, it’s just not clear whether the conference will go on as planned — or whether they’ll have some creative thinking around how to do it. I think that they are planning (for some of the activities at least — and a short course most likely qualifies for that…) to have virtual alternatives. It’s not ideal, but then again, nothing is these days…

Anyway: that’s indeed really good news and it ties up with some other activity that was meant to happen at the US ISPOR conference (which has been cancelled due to the COVID emergency) and it is a good sign that the whole community is going in the direction of travel that we are pushing for! Very glad with it!

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