I’ve been trying to put this off for as long as I possibly could, because I didn’t really want to surrender… BUT: It’s come to the time when I need to accept defeat and that this year we won’t be able to have our summer school in Florence. Hopefully, by July things will have improved massively (with regards to everything — not simply for non-essential travel!), but it’s obvious right now that even if people could travel (which probably they won’t be able to), it would be too much of a hustle and it would take away from the normally very pleasant experience.

If you are one of the registered people, you should have already received a communication to say that you can either decide to get a full reimbursment or keep the registration alive for when we will actually do the summer school (but the timing is not yet decided). I was glad to see that already a few people have decided to go for option B — which is great!

If you’re not, then be on the look out because as soon as it will be possible, BMHE@Florence will come back!

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