Books and code

This comes as the results of two external forces that have prompted me to do some work on the website — specifically the section on books.

The first one is the newest version of hugo-academic (which is the engine underlying the whole of my website, together with the R package blogdown). This has a new facility that can be used to format books or tutorial or documentation. Trouble is that it assumes that you’re writing a book and so if you have a folder named “book” it automatically use that new format for the pages in that folder. So what happened when I updated the version is that my pages under the folder “book” got re-formatted in a way that I didn’t even notice at first — but when I did, I didn’t like it…

The second one is that someone has sent me an email to (very politely, I should say!) ask me whether, as promised, we’ll make the (I think, almost exclusively R) code used in the various chapters of BMPR available. This was always the plan (although in the mist of everything else, by the time the book was released earlier in May, I only prepared a minimal webpage and have kind of forgotten to harass the authors to collate the code).

So, in response to these two events, I managed to find a little bit of time today to update the underlying code creating the website to change slightly the formatting of the books section and to add some of the code I already have available (I’ve also commenced operation “author harassment” to get more). The scripts will be collated here.

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