Methodological issues for the economic evaluation of health interventions: A concise state of the art


This paper presents a preliminary report of the Italian Society ofMedical Statistics and Clinical Epidemiology (SISMEC) working groupcalled SiPrEMAS (Evidence Synthesis and Decision Modelling in Health)collating some topics addressed throughout the first two years ofcollaboration. It contains a rapid overview of the principal methodsused for the economic evaluation of health interventions. Specialfocus is given to the process of assembling and pooling the availableevidence, modeling methods, the analysis of uncertainty (structuraland on parameters), cost analysis and cost consequences analysis.This paper intends to stimulate the discussion among different professionalsinvolved in the decision making process at national level, tryingto (re)bridge the gap between decision makers and researchers.

Epidemiology Biostatistics and Public Health
Gianluca Baio
Gianluca Baio
Professor of Statistics and Health Economics